Baked Sunday Mornings: Rainbow Icebox Cake with Homemade Chocolate Cookies


This week's Baked Sunday Mornings recipe from Baked Occasions is
Rainbow Icebox Cake with Homemade Chocolate Cookies

I've always loved rainbows.  There's something eternally HAPPY about them.  Growing up at the foot of the Rockies, I have vivid memories of rainbows set in front of a mountainous background - and most always a double rainbow (what DOES it mean?!?).  It is definitely a gorgeous site to behold. 

It didn't even dawn on me until today that this week's recipe coincided with Gay Pride week - how appropo!  I didn't actually make the cake this week - I had tested it back in March of 2014, shortly after they had finalized the perfected version of the recipe.   We ate it for St. Patrick's Day dessert - another wonderful holiday involving rainbows :)

This cake took a bit of planning and time to assemble, I won't lie.  The homemade chocolate cookies are a lot like those thin Nabisco chocolate wafers you can buy in the cookie aisle - and I'm guessing you could substitute those if you are pressed for time or want to make it a little easier on yourself...however, the homemade cookies are delicious and I think the uniqueness of each cookie gives the rainbow cake even more character (as if it doesn't have enough!)

Photo Mar 11, 3 56 07 PM

I used Americolor gel paste to tint my rainbow whipped cream - a little gel goes a long way, and as you can see in the photo, the colors really "pop" in between the layers of chocolate cookies.

Rainbow IceBox Cake

The recipe recommends letting the cake sit for 30 minutes, but I found I liked it better the next day.  The cookies are firm and crunchy, and a day in the fridge surrounded by all that yummy whipped cream allows them to soften up a little, which in turn makes the cake much easier to slice.

Please go see what my other fellow bakers thought of the Rainbow Icebox Cake (aka "THE Gay Cake") as well as the different variations they came up with.  You could really be very adventurous with this recipe!

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