Baked Sunday Mornings: Mississippi Mud Pie and a field trip to BAKED


After reading about Baked NYC in a recent issue of Bon Appetit magazine, I promptly bookmarked it in Yelp and added it to my bucket list of places to see while living back East.  I also started following {ok, stalking} them on Facebook and Instagram.

What really sealed the deal was my trip to Home Goods in December, where their cookbook "Baked: New Frontiers in Baking" was on display next to a 4" tall gingerbread man cookie cutter.  It was at that point I decided a field trip was in order - and soon!  (I promptly bought the book! but not the life-sized gingerbread man).

Giant Gingerbread Man!

I loaded my Wingman and his Sock Monkey in the minivan, gassed up, and 1.5 hours and a gazillion toll booths later, safely arrived in Red Hook - a borough of Brooklyn.   My neighbor still makes fun of me for making a trip up to Brooklyn "just to visit a bakery."  Yeah, I'm just that crazy.

After circling for a parking spot, we made it via umbrella stroller to the ever so adorable orange front door of Baked.

It was small inside, but plenty of twenty and thirty somethings on laptops.  It had a cool, retro coffee shop feel...great 60s music, and these big wooden tables - reminded me of something you'd see at a swanky ski lodge.  I went to the counter and picked out a "Sweet and Salty" brownie, a chocolate malt brownie from the 50% off basket (I LOVE malt), and then approached the cash register at what I thought was the beginning of the line... 

{Remember in the Christmas Story when the kids go to see Santa, walk right up to the elves and they say, "Hey kid - this ain't the line...THAT's the end of the line"?  Yeah.  That was me.}

...To the back of the line we went.  No worries, because that was the best part of the shop.  The windows into the heart and soul of the bakery, leading up to the display of cupcakes, scones, whoopie pies, cakes, muffins, brownies, and marshmallows.  Wingman wanted a chocolate-chocolate cupcake, and I couldn't pass up a cinnamon roll.  they packed the cupcake in a "to go" container (aka upside down clear solo cup with lid), and brown-bagged the others.

We found a table at the back.  I checked Wingman's cupcake for poison - chocolate swiss meringue buttercream frosting!!!  My favorite.  With red and green sprinkles for the holidays.


Wingman took a bite, then in typical 4-year-old fashion dropped it head-first onto the table (in his defense...cupcakes do tend to be top-heavy) that point I decided it was time to get up and drop our crumbs elsewhere (like on the sidewalk for birds...or better yet, the floor of the minivan).

I brought the brownies home to sample with the other kiddos.  We all decided the Sweet & Salty was our favorite (not to mention ADDICTING - why oh WHY didn't I grab a handful??? and some marshmallows too?)  It was more fudgy than cakey, rich, but oh so delectable!!

Fast forward a few months and somehow I stumbled upon "Baked Sunday Mornings" - a blog dedicated to baking through each recipe in the Baked cookbook Trilogy.  I was so disappointed I didn't find this blog earlier...but never fear - there's still another cookbook and a half to bake through.  And maybe by the time we're through that one, they will have released another? Wishful thinking.

I'm hoping I can keep up with the baking schedule, or at least most of it.  So here is my first submission:


Mississippi Mud Pie (A) a.k.a. Coffee Ice Cream Tart

We had some friends over to share this with us - a perfect dessert for a hot summer day.  I followed the recipe pretty much to a tee, using an all natural coffee ice cream for the filling, Ghirardelli 70% cocoa bar, and Maker's Mark bourbon (only the best!)  Man, was it good!  Not to mention a huge hit!  You don't need a large slice because it's pretty rich and chocolatey, but the flavor combination and texture of the pecans, softened ice cream, and crunchy crust were great together.   The best part is there was ZERO baking involved - nice for those hot and stuffy days when you don't want to turn on the oven ;)

You can check out the recipe here:

Baked Sunday Mornings: Mississippi Mud Pie (A) aka Coffee Ice Cream Tart

or better yet, get the book:

Baked Explorations: Classic American Desserts Reinvented

and BEST OF ALL - if you're within walking, biking, train, or driving distance of Red Hook, go pay a visit to Baked NYC.  You'll thank me later.


Sheri said...

Welcome to the group Kristen! Your pie is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to baking along with you! We've still got lots of recipes to go for Elements.

And if you're interested in our secret Baked side project, please email me (

kristen @ just-iced cookies said...

oooh, secret? yes - fill me in!

Anonymous said...

Well done, your pie looks amazing!

kristen @ just-iced cookies said...

Thank you! It tasted even better! ;)

Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Welcome to the group! Great post. I would so do the drive to Baked too! (if I lived that close) Totally normal! :)

Your pie looks amazing. I loved it too. A great treat for the summer.

Oh and I sooo need that gingerbread cookie cutter!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Kristen! Hey, that's the kind of "crazy" we like around here! Believe me, every one of us would gladly drive 1.5 hours "just to visit a bakery"-- you've come to the right place. ;-)

Beautiful job on your pie, and so glad you liked it! I love your "lattice" chocolate drizzle pattern.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts. You funny lady. :)