Cowboy Cookies


My nephew turns 2 this week. He's having a cowboy party. This is the first set of western themed cookies I have created since moving to Texas - giddyup! So glad to finally use these cutters :)

Love turquoise accents on cowboy boots - yeehaw

I don't think I've ever seen a cactus like this in Texas. I've seen lots of them in Arizona though...

My friend Katie gave me the cutter for this hat shortly after I moved to San Antonio. It is huge! 5 x 6". Just made one of these for the birthday boy.
Everything is bigger in Texas.

Mini cowboy hat

The lil' deputy is turning 2

This is a bandana. Inspiration from these Bandana Print Cookies from SugarBelle...

A bow makes everything fancier!


lizy b said...

Fabulous! Love the whole collection! The boots are my favorite!

Steve and Kathy said...

Every single cookie is my favorite. You are sooooo talented. I can't even imagine the time and energy involved. They really are perfection...Just like you!

kristen @ just-iced cookies said...

thank you thank you - I had so much fun making these :)

The Martin Family said...

The cookies were awesome Kris! Way to go!