Decorating Turkey Cookies


This is my first official cookie decorating tutorial! It's a little choppy so please bear with me...

Christmas decorations, music and lights are already fired up, so what happened to Thanksgiving?

I'm notorious for procrastinating, so my timing is perfect! Let's hurry and enjoy what's left of the harvest by decorating some turkey cookies, shall we? There are 2 1/2 days until the big day so we still have time (but not much!!)


1. Turkey cookie cutter (any shape, I got this beauty at Crate and Barrel)
2. Your favorite cookie dough recipe (sugar cookie, shortbread, gingerbread, or any rollout cookie dough)
3. Royal Icing, add enough water for medium consistency (similar to Elmer's Glue), tinted with food color gel (I like Americolor) in the following colors:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Brown
  • White
4. Wilton frosting tips #1 and #2
5. Pastry bags and/or squeeze bottles (I LOVE and use Kuhn Rikon Deco Squirt Bottles)
6. Large purple or black non-pareils, or any small round candy

Now for the fun part!!

Take your turkey cookie:

Using brown icing and #2 tip, outline all but the beak and feet:

Fill in the body, define the feathers, and add the feet and beak:

Let dry for at least 30 minutes, then fill in feathers:

Let icing dry for another hour or two. Add the eyeball:

Using clean tweezers*,
place one non-pareil in the middle of the eyeball as the pupil

With red icing, add a "snood" (the thing that hangs over the beak! had to google that one.)

Using tip #1, pipe a wing in brown:

Put your cookie on a pretty dish and take a photo:

Let it finish drying for 8-10 more hours.
You're all done!! Now go put up your Christmas lights!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

*Tweezers are a great tool to include in your decorating supplies. Buy a new pair that are used only for food (NOT eyebrows!! ew.) You can find some at the dollar store :)


shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

these are so so cute!

NelsonFamily said...

Kristen, love your turkey cookie. Just wondering, is your royal iceing edible? I am partial to cream cheese frosting but I would never be able to get such detail. Thanks for the advice on the Kuhn frosting things. I always wondered if they were any good. Thanks. Jen