Look WHOOO turned 1!!


My little nephew, Henry, turned 1 this month!

His mom asked if I would make some owl cookies for his birthday party. I knew she would handcraft the invitations - she can do AMAZING things with scrapbook paper and a glue stick...but I FREAKED when I got the invite in the mail:

No Photoshop - she handmade EACH one (cutting out everything with scissors, then doing that spongy stuff around the edges! glueing, bradding...)- and I can't remember how many she made, but she's the youngest of 6 and her hubby's the 11th of 12 - so needless to say, she cranked out A LOT of those adorable OWL invitations.


I sent some mini owls...

and I tried to duplicate the owl on the invitation - using an egg shaped cookie cutter and a circle fondant cutter to cut out the ears on top of the head.

Her husband, who is also artsy craftsy, made this tree trunk in which to display the cookies:

She also made these adorable owl cupcakes -
(how'd she keep the creme in the Oreo so perfect?):

Sadly we couldn't make the trip to attend - *sniff*, but I was so glad I was able to still help out with a small part of the party.

Happy 1st Birthday to you, Henry - that's WHO!!


shawna @ styleberryBLOG said...

oh my goodness. ADORABLE!!!!! Those cupcakes are such a great idea too!

The Chezik Family said...

Simply amazing you two!!!

The Martin Family said...

Um...please don't post my invite. LOL! :)
You did an amazing job with the owl cookies. They were a hit. Megs is pretty amazing too!

Steve and Kathy said...

your cookies were a ha..owl..ling success at the party. I am basking in the joy of "owl" of you! Could you make it to the next party? WE NEED YOU!!!! XOXOXOX

ps. what kind an amazing woman takes cookies like that to a neighborhood party? YOU really are the best!