Teenie Tiny Chuck Taylors


I received an order from a lady who wanted 40 red sneaker cupcake toppers for her daughter's birthday party. I couldn't find a cookie cutter small enough, so I made my own - based off a photo I got at my favorite online shoe company's website :)

Good thing I had a #1 and #2 tip handy! This project taught me a valuable lesson - just because the cookie is smaller doesn't mean it's less work!


The Martin Family said...

impressive. those are teeny tiny. you have a robot hand!

Melissa said...

Really, you are pretty amazing. How the heck do you make your own cookie cutter? Love the cupcake cookies too! When do you find time to do all of this?

Amy said...

Ah-MAZING Kristen!! You are so uber creative!! Way to go!