The price of my cookies is based on size and degree of detail involved. It takes a great deal of time to bake and decorate cookies (some designs can take up to 10 minutes per cookie!). I think you'll find my cost is less than your neighborhood bakery or online retailer.

Generally my 3-5" cookies range in price from $2.50-$4.00 each.  For specific designs, please email me the details and I can give you a quote.

I also have an Etsy Shop, which gives an idea of the different shapes, sizes, and prices for cookies. I ship too!


Steve and Kathy said...

Thanks for the info...your band cookies were spectacular!!!! It is wonderful to know someone with such great talent!

Trainer Momma said...

I just checked out the etsy shop -- sweet! I will never have to make another sugar cookie again! Yippee!

The Martin Family said...

So cool Kris! Good luck! You are gonna be famous!